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SEEP is a non-profit organization that operates in the field of social education and environmental protections.

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 Wetland Day 02 02 2017 !

Happy Wetland Day ! On the international Wetland Day, SEEP organized a study, informative and awareness raising visit for students of Reald University and Ali Demi high school. There was discussed by the guests about: - Competition for the best picture of wetlands. - Mitigation of natural disasters ,climate change effects, flooding, drought and the tampon role of wetlands. - High values of wetland ecosystem for the great diversity of species and very favorable habitat for the biodiversity and food chain. - Characteristic types of fish, eels, shellfish and birds. - Blu Economy and irreplaceable values of the wetland for employment and food for the locals - Underwater history and archaeology of the ancient city of Orik immersed under the water of the lagoon. - Types of migratory birds and the effect of hunting Moratorium . - Nearby MPA and its role in the conservation of buffer zones. - Bird-watching Participants in the event were activists of SEEP, Reald University, Naturalist Club, Department of Fisheries, the Organization of Fishery, Green Vision, National Youth Center, Directorate of Cultural Monuments and Heritage, Department of Protected Areas, Municipality and administrative units of Orikumi, DAR etc. . The event was funded by Reald University

  Wetland Day 02 02 2016 !

Happy Wetland Day ! Today in Wetland Day event! SEEP (Social Education & Environment Protection) in collaboration with Naturalist Club students,Fishermen Association Narte, Axhushi fotostudio, Vlora Youth Center, the Regional Directorate of National Culture, Association Narta, Ppne Vlore, ShellGallery Vlora, inhabitants, realized informational activities for large lagoon values. They discussed about the event that belongs to the wetlands day February 2, 1972, when the Convention was signed in Ramsar city, and about natural values of the lagoon, very rich biodiversity, especially its wintering water birds, the importance of its daily food to inhabitants. They talked about archaeological and cultural heritage of lagoon, kinds of fish and fishing seasons. All students agreed to propose to Ramsar Convention Secretariat for the Narta Lagoon to win this status since it fulfills many criteria such as the large number of birds and other natural and eco-tourism values that should be protected and developed. Fishermen promised us that in the next event in 2017, they will boat trip us with their fishing boats and will show us how they fish with their nets and will cook in natural and traditional condition


" Citizens in Action"- Spot. Separation of waste at source!

"Citizens in Action " project financed by U.S Embassy in Tirane, convey the concern of citizens to the rulers for waste mismanagement and polluted environment. The project applied to citizens separation of waste as the Achilles heel for integrated waste management and have to extended by municipality with placement of differentiated containers in the street.


"Citizens in Action " documentary, Waste Management in Vlore 2015!

"Citizens in Action " project analyzed the situation of waste management in the city of Vlora by municipality and cleaning companies, set up open forums and addressed their concerns to the local government .But through this project was created the model of separation of the waste at source as well as the most delicate issue of waste management ,to recycling ,energy production biogas ,clean and healthy environment for citizens.

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